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The EZ Grinder


The EZ Grinder

Improve productivity and get up off your knees with our patented stand up edge grinder


  • Grinder Tilt Mechanism - Grind sloped concrete and up to walls.
  • DeWALT® Grinder Included - 5.3 hp deWALT Grinder (model # D28499X).
  • Diamond Cupwheel included - Receive a 7 Inch cupwheel of your choice (up to a $100 value).
  • Dust Shroud - Floating shroud provides a simple and effective method of capturing dust with no suction lock.
  • 2 Inch Vacuum Hose Port.
  • 200 Watt Halogen Light - Grind in dimly lit areas.


Floating Dust Shroud

Our floating dust shroud equipped on a DeWALT D28499x grinder does an excellent job of capturing all dust created during the grinding process all while grinding as close as 1/4" to walls/etc.

Switch between cupwheels/pcd's without having to adjust the shroud. Our floating shroud is always at the optimal height to minimize dust.

The DeWALT D28499x grinder has a 5.3 HP, 6,000 RPM motor with a low-profile gear case to grind under more obstacles.


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